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About International Ultrasonic Technologies

International Ultrasonic Technologies overview

IUT is an energy technology company focused on the development and commercialization of an oxidative desulphurization (“ODS”) process for liquid petroleum streams including crude oil products, crude oils, natural gasoline and condensate streams. IUT’s oxidative desulphurization process consists of (1) the ultrasound assisted conversion of the sulphur compounds to their oxidized analogs employing its patented and proprietary technology, and (2) the subsequent removal of these oxidized compounds is done through industry standard separation methods (the “IUT Process”).

The ultrasound provides an intense shearing and mixing environment for the mixture and, along with the effects from cavitation, allows for efficient oxygen transfer from the oxidant to sulphur containing and other compounds in the crude oil product or crude oil stream. Aside from the oxidation of sulphur compounds, the process may also bring about the disruption of complex asphaltenic structures and rupturing of bonds of complex hydrocarbons, which in turn may result in upgrading the overall hydrocarbon content by reducing the overall density and thereby increasing the API gravity.

The entire process takes a few nanoseconds and each bubble can behave as a micro-reactor, accelerating the physical reactions owing to the heat released and localized pressures obtained. The high temperature (estimated to be as high as 5,000 degrees Kelvin) and pressure (estimated to be as high as 500 atmospheres) reached locally can potentially cause disruption of molecular bonds.

The units are designed to treat large volumes of petroleum products at relatively low temperatures and pressures. The base design and capacity for the technology consists of skid mounted processing lines capable of up to 3,000 Bpd of throughput.

Successive lines can be added to scale capacities in multiples of up to 3,000 Bpd. IUT currently has modular units in stock with up to 6,000 Bpd capacity that are skid mounted and can be transported in a typical shipping container. These units possess smaller “footprints” (approximately 20′ x 6′) and are expected to have lower capital costs when compared to the conventional hydrotreating equipment and other upgrading technologies.

Existing commercial unit (in stock)

Technology Highlights

• Ultrasonics decrease oxidation reaction time and increases sulphur conversion efficiency with very low residence times (<500 ms).
• The oxidized sulphur compounds after treatment exhibit high solubility in water allowing for easy separation of the sulphur from the hydrocarbon stream.
• Instead of complex post-processing separation, removal of the oxidized sulphur compounds can be achieved via a basic water wash.
• Resulting treated hydrocarbon stream has a sulphur content of 10 ppm and potentially less.
• More cost effective than traditional hydrodesulphurization (“HDS”)

Unit Description

Capacity: 6,000 barrels per day oil with double lines
Size: 20’X 6’
Operating costs: $1.50 per barrel (LFO) including power, ultrasonic wearable parts and catalyst
Power requirements: 75 – 95 KWatts at 480 Voltage, 3 Phase for double line unit
Lifecycle: 20 years excluding wearing parts

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International Ultrasonic Technology’s Team

IUT’s Management Team

Jim Van Wert, Founder

Jim has over 20 years’ experience working with different ultrasonic technologies and in addition to IUT, he is also the Owner and Operator of Western Ultrasonics, an ultrasonic oil field cleaning business which he founded in 1997. One of his more recent projects includes a partnership with a major Canadian Oil Sands company in Athabasca for a Research and Development Program that involved the use of ultrasonic technology in conjunction with downhole upgrading. Based on this experience, Jim has extensive knowledge in technology-related commercialization, strategic planning and has decades of experience in business management.

Christine Gao, Co-Founder

Christine Gao is an experienced oil and gas geologist with over 27 years’ experience in marketing, management and business development with a focus on oil and gas technologies.  While working as a well site geologist over the course of 10 years, Christine gained extensive knowledge in the oil and gas industry. Christine has since applied that experience and knowledge to her marketing and sales efforts, working as a business development and marketing manager for various oil and gas innovation –  focused organizations.  Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Geology from China University of Geoscience and Applied Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Kerri McGrath, Chief  Executive Officer(CEO)

Kerri McGrath has over 15 years’ Investor relations, legal, marketing and commercial sales experience with a focus on Commercial Real Estate and on the private capital markets.  Previous tenures include the role of Corporate Secretary and Director of Client Relations for a high profile Calgarian development company She has also held positions on Executive boards, including the Private Capital Market’s Association of Canada’s /Alberta Executive Chapter where she held the role as Corporate Secretary. She is presently the Chief Operating Officer of Bigfoot Industrial Services, the North American Manufacturer of IUT’s skids.

IUT’s Technology Team

Dr. Pedro Pereira, Chief Technology Officer(CTO)

Dr. Pereira ‘s current tenure is with the University of Calgary’s Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department. He is one of the original founders of PC-CUPS Ltd., a U of C strategically aligned spin-off company focused on the development of bitumen/heavy oil technologies with a goal to make the heavy oil business much more competitive.

Dr. Pereira and his PC-CUPS team bring decades of experience and expertise in chemical and process engineering to IUT. His years of research in bitumen/heavy oil upgrading will contribute significantly to IUT’s heavy fuel oil desulphurization objectives. He has dedicated his professional and research activities to catalysts and catalytic processes development using both steam and hydrogen for heavy oils and residuals upgrading. Dr. Pereira has authored more than 200 published articles and more than 30 invited presentations at International Conferences and Seminars. He had been consultant for many international oil companies.
He dedicated 14 years of his career as a Research and Development Leader at a major Petroleum corporation where he co-invented and coordinated the development of the two major competitive upgrading technologies, Aquaconversion and HDHplus. Dr. Pereira has 17 original patents on the areas and processes mentioned above. He is currently working towards significant improvements to the upgrading of Athabasca bitumen and other Alberta and Canadian heavy oils by combining research in applied catalysis targeting specifically designed catalysts and processes for in reservoir, and on field upgrading, and most recently bio-oils upgrading and CO2 conversion.

Dr. Pereira graduated as a Chemist in 1976 and obtained a doctorate in Heterogeneous catalysis, both from L’Universite de Poitiers, France, in 1979. He was a chemical engineering professor at the “Universidad de Los Andes” in Merida-Venezuela for seven years and a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory-University of California, Berkeley during the period Oct.1987-Dec.1990.

Jesse Messom, Chief Mechanical Advisor

Jesse is the founder, owner and operator of Bigfoot Industrial Services which is one of Calgary’s largest fully integrated Millwrighting, Welding and Fabrication/Manufacturing Shops. Jesse and his team of highly skilled Millwrights, Engineers and Welders will be responsible for the structural components of the skids as well as piping and pressure systems. Bigfoot will also be responsible for the oversight of all other contractors involved in manufacturing the units; i.e. electrical controls, instrumentation, electrical engineering, HVAC, ductwork, etc..

International Ultrasonic Technology’s Partners

International Ultrasonics Technologies is proud to work with Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. and PC-Cups Ltd., a University of Calgary affiliate company.

Our Research and Development Partners


PC-Cups is a U of C strategically aligned spin-off company focused on the development of bitumen/heavy oil technologies with a goal to make the heavy oil business much more competitive.

Dr. Pereira and his PC-CUPS team bring decades of experience and expertise in chemical and process engineering to IUT. Their years of dedicated research in bitumen/heavy oil upgrading will contribute significantly to IUT’s heavy fuel oil desulphurization objectives.

The state-of-the-art facilities housed at the University of Calgary’s main campus also provide PC-CUPS with leading edge capabilities and an alliance with one of the top universities in oil & gas research.

Visit the PC-CUPS website…

Our Manufacturing Partners

Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd.

Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. is one of Calgary’s largest, multi-faceted Millwright, Welding, Fabrication and Construction Management Companies servicing both the Industrial and Commercial sectors and is the exclusive North American manufacturer of the IUT skids.

What distinguishes Bigfoot Industrial from their competitors is the quality of their trades people, services and products, their ingenuity, solutions-based approach to all projects and unparalleled customer service. Bigfoot Industrial Services is quickly positioning themselves in the market as “the place where innovation is built”

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