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Desulfurization Important IMO2020 Tool

by Ship & Bunker,  April 23, 2019

Canada based International Ultrasonic Technologies Inc. (IUT) says it still sees its desulfurization technology helping industry stakeholders manage the reality of IMO2020 and is pressing ahead to make it a commercial reality.

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IMO2020 Bunker Desulfurization Technology “In Play”

by Ship & Bunker,  May 15, 2018

Over the last year Ship & Bunker has reported that a number of companies are looking to apply their desulfurization technology in the marine fuels industry.

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Low Sulphur Fuel on Tap

by ShipInsight,  September 20, 2017

With the 2020 date for the global sulphur cap now firmly etched in shipowners’ minds and rapidly approaching, the choices for complying may seem limited but a new option may soon become available if appropriate partnerships
can be set up in time.

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Bitumen Frequency

by Melanie Collison, Oilsands Review

Researcher Jim Van Wert and Bruce Rout believe ultrasonics could be the next big thing

for in situ oilsands recovery.

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