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IUT owns 1 PCT patent related to the use of ultrasonic waves in conjunction with an oxidant and catalyst(s) to desulphurize hydrocarbons.
Depending upon the feedstock, IUT’s ultrasonic technology can be used to obtain higher grades of petroleum products at reduced costs. The process can remove sulphur up to 98% from different oil streams. The technology is not only relevant, but our first generation units are commercially ready for the lighter fuel oil market and can be built and installed for small to mid-sized refineries. The results achieved to date have proven our technology to be more efficient, scalable, affordable and effective. Our Second Generation IUT desulphurization process has been adapted for its application on High Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oils in compliance with the IMO 2020 global sulphur cap regulations. A second catalytic reactor phase has been added to the existing commercial process which incorporates all of the advantages of catalysis and steam reforming/Aqua processing. Several HSHFO feedstocks have run through IUT’s pilot plant generating VLSFO while also consistently demonstrating upgrading benefits with notable reductions in metals, viscosity, density, TAN, Ash content and Micro Carbon Residue as well as sediments.

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There are numerous sulphur removal technologies available to refineries and petrochemical plants, however, there are challenges with these current technologies which include high capital/operational costs, complex operational requirements, they are less efficient and traditionally have a higher environmental impact. IUT’s technology presents a viable alternative to traditional hydrogenation technologies as it produces a better product in a safer, more efficient and affordable way.

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The future of sulphur reduction technology

Innovative HFO Optimization

Hydrocracking and hydrotreating have been proposed as desulphurization technologies to be applied to produce compliant fuels. However, when applied to heavy oil fractions, high pressures and temperatures and hydrogen consumptions are needed to meet the low sulfur levels required, which makes this alternative economically challenging with substantial investment in upgrading fuel oil residues to gasoil grades needed.

To curb this, our technology is currently in the process of being optimized for HFO/HSHFO (marine fuel, MGO) to produce on-spec Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil “VLSFO”. Our research and engineering teams have substantially completed the necessary research and development  and conceptual engineering.  IUT’s second generation HSHFO process has been scaled to a continuous operation pilot facility with several HSHFO feedstocks having been processed to meet both the required sulphur specification levels with additional value adds, like proven upgrading benefits. IUT’s second generation VLSFO are currently being developed for land based applications (ex. refineries, bunker operations, terminals), with a goal to commercialize these unit(s) by 2020. Our company’s vision is to become the leading provider of a more efficient and economical low sulphur fuel oil desulphurization solution to industry users. Our technology can also work in conjunction with and  be used as a complementary pre or post process polishing unit for existing conventional treating methods.

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Proven results – commercial validation

IUT’s First Generation Technology was previously  commercially validated in a US refining facility. All data proved that the technology can successfully remove sulphur content in petroleum streams to less than 10ppm.

“The technology was proven to be valuable, scalable and relevant to a wide range of product streams.

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